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Pope calls for Christian unity in Protestant heartland of Geneva

A 'worldly mindset' caused divisions in Christianity, the Pope said

Pope calls for Christian unity in Protestant heartland of Geneva

A ‘worldly mindset’ caused divisions in Christianity, the Pope said

Indian priest to speak at House of Lords on ‘benefits’ of yoga

Fr Joe Pereira says Iyengar Yoga can help people recover from drug addiction

Iraqi Sister who fled Islamic State is denied entry to Britain for the second time

Dominican Sister Ban Madleen was applying to visit her family

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Cardinal Schönborn: women priests ‘too profound a change’ for the Church

The cardinal said female deacons were a possibility, though

Cardinal McCarrick removed from public ministry after abuse allegation

The Holy See removed the former Archbishop of Washington from ministry over alleged abuse of a teen almost 50 years ago

Pope Francis condemns Trump administration’s migrant family-separation policy

The Pope backed US bishops’ statements that called the policy ‘immoral’

Young adults worldwide less religious than older adults, Pew report says

However, more religious populations are growing faster

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A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Young people divided on sexuality and gender, pre-synod document says

The ‘instrumentum laboris’ is also the first major Vatican document to use the term ‘LGBT’

Relic found in bin given to Westminster Cathedral

A bone of Pope St Clement that was discovered in a bin has been handed to Westminster Cathedral

How America’s debate on migrant children got religious

Bishops and officials are using bible verses to argue over US immigration policy


St Thomas More died for the Faith, not for religious freedom

The US bishops present More as a martyr of conscience. But it was a Catholic conscience before all else

Archbishop Lefebvre’s surprising legacy

The SSPX founder changed the Church, but in ways he could never have imagined

The West is rediscovering the sacred

In the global culture war, secularism is suddenly facing a strong challenge

Will Ireland’s Catholic hospitals defy Varadkar?

The prime minister is demanding that Catholic hospitals perform abortions. Will they comply?

Why is Rome sidelining the Ukrainian Catholics?

Recent events show growing resentment within the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Even the most saintly Catholic families have their problems

Don’t be put off by extraordinary examples of holy families. They had plenty of troubles too.

Australia must realise: priests will never break the seal of the confessional

If the Australian state wants to make martyrs over the seal, it will find plenty of candidates

Popular devotions are back

As a new generation a priests revive beauty, the Church is undergoing a restoration

Why 1 in 10 new priests in the US come from homeschooling families

The number is staggering, considering there is only one homeschooler for every 20 students in Catholic schools

How one man gave up spirituality for the sake of real religion

Tyler Blanski writes of a journey from indifference to Catholicism

The Catholic who painted Thatcher, the Queen and two popes

Michael Noakes, who has died aged 84, had a great interest in people, and it showed in his art