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Cardinal Nichols to take four imams to meet the Pope

The delegation will meet Vatican officials responsible for interreligious dialogue

Cardinal Nichols to take four imams to meet the Pope

The delegation will meet Vatican officials responsible for interreligious dialogue

New Catholic head of the UN visits the world’s biggest camp for Syrian refugees

Antonio Guterres recalled seeing the first Syrian refugees arrive in Jordan six years ago

Mourners fill cathedral for Cardinal Keeler

Six cardinals were among the congregants at the funeral in Homeland on Tuesday

Morning Catholic must-reads: 30/03/17

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Pro-life activists face criminal charges over undercover Planned Parenthood videos

Accused says ‘bogus’ charges are coming from ‘Planned Parenthood’s political cronies’

Terror will not polarise our communities, say faith leaders

Religious leaders including Cardinal Nichols signed an open letter in response to Westminster attack

Pope Francis: Open your heart to faith and God will do the rest

At his weekly general audience, the Pope told the faithful that hope is based on the word of God

Iraqis fleeing the fighting against Islamic State (IS) group are seen in Mosul

Pope Francis demands urgent action to protect civilians in Mosul

Francis said forces involved in the battle to drive ISIS from the city have an obligation to protect innocents

Cardinal Pell: ‘Radical inequality’ fuelled Brexit vote and Trump’s election

The Australian cardinal discussed Brexit and Donald Trump’s election at a book launch

Peter Saunders: ‘Vatican abuse commission wants compliant survivors, so I’m unlikely to return’

Peter Saunders told the Catholic Herald that he will never stay quiet about the issue of child protection

Cafod raises £1 million to support famine victims in only one week

Drought and civil war has left millions of families across East Africa on the brink of starvation

Catholic priest murdered in Mexico

An estimated 32 priests have been slain in Mexico since 2006


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Can Ireland rediscover its faith – as I did?

Irish society needs to look truthfully at the past it seems determined to bury. I am hopeful, but not especially optimistic for change in my lifetime

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A year to look backwards

The anniversaries of 2017 are a chance to ponder events that profoundly shape the world today

The ferocious foe of Protestantism

John Guy’s work entertains but fails to cohere as he treads the familiar ground of Thomas More’s life

Why Ireland needs more Rome, not less

The Irish Church has lost its fervour, yet retains its fierce independence. But without outside intervention, it will continue to flounder

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The appointment of an Anglican bishop for ethnic minorities is an idea worth copying

Embracing Christians from ethnic minority backgrounds provides an opportunity for learning

The mystery of Wallace Stevens’ ‘deathbed conversion’ to Catholicism

A new book says the idea that Stevens became a Catholic would be hard to digest. But that misunderstands his poetry

Can small children be saints? Fatima shows the answer is yes

Even before the Vatican approved Jacinta and Francisco’s miracle, the Fatima seers’ holiness was obvious

The Pope’s example in tackling anti-Semitism is a model for all leaders

Work to reach out to communities and confront anti-Semitic mindsets should not be underestimated

Are jihadists really turning to Christianity?

We need to treat any evidence that Muslims are turning to Christ en masse with caution

Obituary: David Braine, leading Catholic philosopher who battled disability

The philosopher was renowned for his vast tomes and his eccentricities

Analysis: Did Pope Francis just condemn Communion for the remarried?

The Pope’s statements have the internet abuzz – but their importance has been exaggerated