Trump wins Catholic vote by clear margin

What happened?

Media coverage in the run-up to the US election made much of Donald Trump’s “Catholic problem” – but exit polls revealed that Catholics voted 52 per cent for the president-elect and only 45 per cent for Hillary Clinton. The election continued a trend of a majority of Catholics voting for the winning presidential candidate.

“Presidential candidates who win the Catholic vote almost always win the presidency,” said the statistician Dr Mark Gray of Georgetown University.

What the media are saying

Barbie Latza Nadeau, writing at the Daily Beast website under the headline “Why Catholics crucified Clinton”, argued that the central issues were abortion and the bishops’ long battle over Obama’s contraceptive mandate. Hillary Clinton, she wrote, was not a “Catholic-friendly choice”, and Tim Kaine, her Catholic running mate, did not help, given his “apparent disregard to Catholic teaching on abortion, same-sex marriage and the death penalty”.

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