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Prepare for persecution

Under the stark headline “Comfort Catholicism has to go; it is time to prepare for persecution”, Mgr Charles Pope at National Catholic Register wrote: “It seems there is no awareness that we are at war and that Catholics need to be summoned to sobriety, increasing separation from the wider culture, courageous witness and increasing martyrdom.

“More than ever we need to shift towards being distinctive from the culture we have refused to critique and call to reform. More than ever our faith needs to shine brightly and clearly … And if a world now accustomed to great darkness calls our light harsh, so be it. If our light does not shine, there is no light at all. Our Catholic faith is the sole and last hope for this world. It has always been so.”

Secularism led to Brexit

The precursor to the European Union was created by Catholics, wrote George Weigel at Catholic World Report. Underlying the project was the belief “that there was enough of Christian or biblical culture left in Europe to sustain democratic pluralism in a ‘union’ of sovereign states that would respect national and regional distinctiveness. And that Christian or biblical ‘remainder’ involved the Catholic social-ethical principle of ‘subsidiarity’: the idea that decision-making should be left at the lowest possible local level.”

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