Speaking of fallen angels, as I did last week, priests and bishops who don’t teach about the Devil and hell will probably end up there with them. The Enemy’s great coup is to assure dupes that he doesn’t exist, there is no hell, and that, “Even if hell exists, surely no one is there!”, blah blah blah.

The Devil and fallen angels are real, personal beings. There’s nothing cute about them. And they hate God, themselves, and you.

Fallen angels (demons) retain their angelic nature, though God restrains them so that they cannot wreak total havoc.

Law enforcement agencies can collect fragments of information on what we do, where we go, what we buy, read, watch and say. They can build startlingly accurate personality profiles on us. They are mere humans with a little data. Angels, on the other hand, never sleep, are never distracted, have no need to travel and they’ve never missed or forgotten a single thing since our conception. Their intellects surpass our limited human faculties by orders of magnitude beyond our ken. And did I mention that they hate you?

With relentless malice the “prince of this world” works to trick us into lending control in our lives and displacing God from the throne of our hearts. Although no angel – fallen and hideous or splendid and holy – can ever touch our all-important will, demons, cunning, with perfect timing, excite thoughts, appetites and memories based on our proclivities, which they know intimately. Their demonic goal, in twisting us into venial and mortal sins and hence the rejection of grace and salvation, is to diminish – even by a little – God’s glory and the love shared in heaven as we shine in the magnified beauty of the Trinity.

When a soul is lost to hell, and I think that happens a lot, the Enemy crows: “That’s one more You don’t have!”

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