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Benedict Rogers says the Vatican must not forget China’s persecuted Christians

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Quentin de la Bédoyère on the nuns who have doctors baffled

Piers Paul Read asks if Jansenism is back

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Could the British Bill of Rights protect Christian employees? asks Dan Hitchens

Even the angriest atheist knows there are no coincidences, says Melissa Kite

What do Fidel Castro and Terry Wogan have in common? asks Jonathan Wright

Fr Raymond D’Souza think Benedict’s account of his abdication seems incomplete

Mgr John Armitage says we must accept that we are lost before we can be found

Who should have the final say in establishing moral truth? asks Archbishop Mario Conti

Mary Kenny thinks Pope Francis could help Ulster Protestants ‘get over’ Catholicism

We struggle just as great artists do, says Fr Ronald Rolheiser

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