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The elite is failing – because it acts as if economics can answer man’s deepest longings, says R.R Reno

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Dan Hitchens on the Bishop who took on Boko Haram with the Rosary

The Fatima anniversary can be a call to arms for Catholics says Donal Anthony Foley

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Melissa Kite has a tumbleweed moment at a Tory dinner in Birmingham

The heartbreaking stories I heard from Iraqi Christians, by Alexandra Tompson

Priests need to look the part if they want to be taken seriously says Jonathan Luxmoore

Why French Catholics are voting for the National Front by Pierre Jova

How many marks out of 10 for the Holy Office? asks Quentin de la Bédoyère

Mary Kenny explains how the Church tamed ‘‘lad culture’’ in the 16th century

Will Gore is impressed by Jude Law’s new role: a Pope who loves Cherry Coke

Piers Paul Read admires Robert Harris’s Vatican thriller

Pastor Iuventus tells the story of a former abortion clinic, now purified through prayer

Melanie McDonagh on the Cambridge historian who taught wisdom about death

Don’t go thinking that God has blessed you more than others, says Fr Ronald Rolheiser

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