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At least 10 people have died and hundreds more injured since Tuesday

Bishops warn the bill could leave priests and laypeople exposed to the claim they are foreign agents

It is for the Church to ‘defend the dignity of children in the digital age,’ Bishop Sherrington said

Cardinal Quevedo condemned the attack in which a number of statues were set on fire

Forty-five per cent of British Catholics said that Catholicism was ‘more different than similar’ to Protestantism

The American cardinal’s visit was at the request of Una Voce Scotland, an organisation dedicated to the heritage of the Latin rite

Bishop John Keenan called it ‘exceptionally significant’

The writings of fourth-century Italian bishop Fortunatianus of Aquileia were thought to have been lost

Vice President Pence addressed Christian leaders in Washington DC

Caritas Anchor House describes the Homelessness Reduction Act as ‘the most significant reform in 40 years’